Rubbish Chute Hopper

Rubbish Chute Hopper

Strong 500mm diameter rubbish chutes, ideal for the safe disposal of rubble from high levels. The 1.1m sections are easily assembled with strong chains and brackets to form a continuous flexible tube, creating a safe system for the dust-free disposal of debris and rubbish from heights.


Supplied with a universal fixing frame, attached using 2 lengths of scaffold tube and 4 scaffold couplings. The first rubbish chute bracket is connected to the chain from the universal fixing frame. The top hopper sits inside the top chute without the need for fixing. A maximum of 10 main sections plus a hopper section can be suspended from 1 scaffold frame. Additional sections must be suspended from a further scaffold frame. The same 10 main section limit applies if the top section is suspended via a different method.

Hire rates:




Deposit £10.00. Rates and deposit are per item, hire rates exclude VAT.