Floor Sander & Edger

Floor Sander & Edger

The HT8 Floor Sander and the HT7 Edging Sander will sand all types of wooden floors, including parquet, to a fine score free finish. They can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces. They will also remove old finishes such as wax, varnish, polish, stain and paint. The powerful HT8 Floor Sander utilises an 8” drum to which is fitted the appropriate sanding sheet(s) for the job on hand.

This item is often hired together with the HT7 Edging Sander, a disc type sander which can sand right up to the skirting boards and walls, and into other spaces where the HT8 Floor Sander cannot reach. It can also be used on its own to sand small floors. With both machines, dust is collected into a bag ready for convenient disposal. A range of floor sanding sheets and edger discs are available.


A combined price for when both a Floor Sander & Edger are hired together:

Hire rates:



4 Hours


1 Day


2 Days


3 Days




(Please note that the 4-hour rate is not available if items are delivered). Deposit £250.00. Rates and deposit are per item, hire rates exclude VAT.