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Aluminium Tower

The Boss Aluminium Access Tower offers a range of advanced safety features, the platforms can carry a safe working load of 275kg and up to 950kg per tower and utilise platform trapdoor access. Other safety features include an integral ladder system, ribbed tubing for increased grip and deck board edge protection, double-action trigger operated locking claws and self-cleaning adjustable legs. Available in a range of platform heights and base dimensions: 1.8m x 1.45m, 1.8m x 0.85m, 2.5m x 1.45m & 2.5m x 0.85m.

Angle Drill

This 2-speed electric drill has a 13mm chuck and enables easy access to awkward areas. The right-angled attachment rotates 360º to drill in any position.

Cordless Combi Drill

Compact and lightweight professional 18V impact drill, lightweight for fatigue-free drilling. 10mm chuck, 18v Li-ion battery, 20+1 torque settings, Maximum drilling diameter: wood 29mm, steel 10mm, masonry 10mm. Maximum screw diameter 8 mm.

Cordless Rotary Hammer

18v – SDS plus fitting.

Diamond Drill

28mm to 152mm cores available.

Light Rotary Hammer

SDS Plus Fitting (Maximum 15mm Bit).

Medium Rotary Hammer

SDS Plus Fitting (Maximum 25mm Bit).

Light Breaker

Maximum 50mm thick concrete.

Medium Breaker

Maximum 100mm thick concrete.

Heavy Breaker

Maximum 200mm thick concrete.

Low Vibration Road Breaker
  • Medium to heavy-duty demolition of concrete slabs and foundations
  • Breaking up asphalt in road building, pipe laying and repair work
  • Removing concrete for rebar connections and utility connections
  • Digging and tamping in earthwork
Magnetic Broach

For drilling clean and accurate holes in steel and iron. Special drill bits required.

Mixing/Plasterers Drill£45.00breaking-drilling
Block Cutter£36.00building-equipment
Cement Mixer 4/3

Electric or petrol.

Cement Mixer 6/4

110 volt only.

Concrete Test Cubes

150mm cubes.

Concrete Planer

125mm grinding disc planer.

Damp Course Injector

For injecting chemical DPC fluid.

Roofing Torch

Propane gas – gas extra (various sizes).

Rubbish Chute Hopper

Strong 500mm diameter rubbish chutes, ideal for the safe disposal of rubble from high levels. The 1.1m sections are easily assembled with strong chains and brackets to form a continuous flexible tube, creating a safe system for the dust-free disposal of debris and rubbish from heights.

Rubbish Chute Section

Scaffold & rubbish chute sections, 1100mm height with an effective length of 1000mm when overlapped. A maximum of 10 main sections plus a hopper section can be suspended from a scaffold frame. Any additional sections must be suspended from a further scaffold frame. The 10 section limit applies if the top section is suspended in a different method.

Trench Rammer


Tyrol Roughcaster

For applying a textured finish to walls.

Vibrating Plate Compactor

For the compaction of hardcore, gravel etc.

Vibrating Poker

For compacting deep wet concrete.


Pneumatic tyre builders barrow.

Carpet Cleaner

Extraction machine for a deep down clean, upholstery attachment available.

Pressure Washer - Electric

For cleaning patios, drives, vehicles etc (cold wash).

Pressure Washer - Petrol

For cleaning patios, drives, vehicles etc (cold wash). Ideal for use in areas where electrical power may not be available or not strong enough to allow high power cleaning. Self priming and suction ability also means that water can be drawn from a tank or river.

Vacuum Cleaner - Dry Small

Industrial dry only vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner - Dry

Industrial dry only vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner M-Class - Dry

Industrial M class vacuum ideal for mineral, metal & wood dust.

Vacuum Cleaner - Wet & Dry

Industrial cleaner used for water spillage & lightly flooded areas.

Circular Saw 18v£30.00cordless-tools
Combi Drill 18v£30.00cordless-tools
Grinder 18v£30.00cordless-tools
Multicutter 18v£30.00cordless-tools
Reciprocating Saw 18vcordless-tools
SDS Hammer Drill 18v£34.00cordless-tools
Burn Off Gun

Propane gas – gas extra (various sizes available).

Paint Stripper£21.00decorating
Tile Cutter - Manual

For cutting ceramic wall tiles.

Tile Cutter - Porcelain

For cutting porcelain tiles.

Tile Cutter - Diamond

Portable wet cut mitre saw for cutting most types of tiles.

Tile Cutter - Diamond Bench

Wet cut for cutting most types of tiles.

Wallpaper Steamer

Fast and easy way to remove old wallpaper.

Wallpaper Spiker

Used to perforate wallpaper before the use of a steamer.

Dehumidifier - Medium

For the drying of small areas.

Dehumidifier - Large

For the drying of rooms and areas up to 300 square metres.

Distribution Box

16 amp or 32 amp 110-volt 4-way Splitter Box for 110v site equipment.

Extension Lead 14m

13amp 240 volt or 16amp 110 volt.

Extension Reel 25m

13amp 240 volt or 16amp 110 volt.

Brush Cutter£55.00gardening
Felling Axe£9.00gardening
Fence Post Rammer£9.00gardening
Flame Gun

For the burning off of grass, weeds etc, various sizes of gas available.

Garden Roller

Water filled roller.

Hand Tools

Fork, Mattock, Pick Axe, Shovel, Sledge Hammer or Spade

Hedge Trimmer - Electric


Hedge Trimmer - Petrol

2 stroke petrol trimmer for the trimming of hedges.

Lawn Mower

Rotary lawnmower petrol with collection box.

Lawn Aerator

Petrol machine for aerating lawns – hollow/solid tines.

Lawn Scarifier£61.00gardening
Long Handle Pruner£19.00gardening
Post Hole Borer - Manual

Manual tool for boring holes for fence posts – various sizes available.

Post Hole Borer - Petrol

For boring holes for fence posts – various sizes available.

Post Hole Shovel£19.00gardening
Rotatiller 5HP

Petrol, for the digging over of previously dug ground.

Rotavator 8HP

For digging over larger areas of ground prior to laying new lawns etc.

Turf Cutter

Petrol turf cutter, to remove turf quickly and neatly – depth cut from 25-40mm and 310mm wide.


Pneumatic tyre barrow

Generator 3.4 kva

Petrol powered 110volt/240volt generator.

Generators 6.0 kva

Diesel powered 110 volt & 240 volt generator.

Angle Grinder 115mm

For cutting/grinding steel and stone – maximum cut 20mm with a new disc.

Angle Grinder 230mm

For cutting/grinding steel and stone – maximum cut 64mm with a new disc.

Brick Sawbench£90.00grinders-cutters
Cutter 300mm - Electric£47.00grinders-cutters
Cutter 300mm - Petrol 2-stroke£49.00grinders-cutters
Petrol Cutter Water Pump

10 litre water pump, for cooling 300mm petrol cutter blade to reduce dust.

Cut-off Saw

355mm abrasive wheels cut to 4-1/2″ depth.


Cordless or electric, various attachments are available to buy.


Wall Chaser, 125mm dry cut diamond blade with dust bag – maximum cut 40mm.

Cabinet Heater

Mobile gas fire, runs off butane gas 13kg – 3000-16000btu (0.06-0.32kg/hour).

Electric Heater£24.00heating
Infra Red Heater 3kw£28.00heating
Space Heater - Small

Propane gas fan assisted heater 15,000-33,000btu (1-1.5kg/hour).

Space Heater - Large

Propane gas fan assisted heater 85,000-150,000btu (1.8-3.2kg/hour).

Combination Ladder 2.5M

3-part aluminium ladder that can also be used either as a step ladder or a stair ladder.

Double Extension Ladders

Aluminium, 2-Part Double Extension Ladders

Triple Extension Ladders

3-part Aluminium Triple Extension Ladders

Roof Ladders

Aluminium – the safe way of working on sloping roofs, with wheel & ridge hook.

Ladder Stay

For holding ladders away from the wall, protecting gutters from damage.

Ladder Stopper

For the footing of ladders on both wet and dry surfaces.

Pallet Truck

Lift capacity of 2,500kg.

Sack Truck

For moving heavy objects (e.g. fridge), solid heavy-duty rubber tyres.

Genie SL15 Super Lift

Manually operated material lift. The SLA-15 Material Lift can lift 363kg to a maximum height of 4.98m with the forks up. Compact and portable, can be transported in a light commercial vehicle.

Floodlight - LED

110volt or 240volt.

Floodlight - Plasterers£17.00lighting
Adjustable Steel Props

Sizes: 0=1.04m-1.83m, 1=1.75m-3.12m, 2=1.98m-3.35m, 3=2.59m-3.96m, 4=3.2m-4.87m

Adjustable Steel Trestles

Sizes: 1=.51m-.88m, 2=.79m-1.4m, 3=1.09m-1.82m

Scaffold Boards

Available in 3 lengths: 2.4m, 3.0m & 3.9m. Scaffold boards must be supported every 1.2M.

Strong Boy

For supporting walls while fitting lintels or RSJ’s, used in conjunction with steel props.

Stairway Adjustable Tower

Maximum platform height 4.3m.

£63.00access-towers platforms-support
Copper Pipe Bender

Tube bender for bending 15mm & 22mm copper pipe.

Drain Bag

For the blocking of drains prior to testing or maintenance.

Drain Plug

For the blocking of drains prior to testing or maintenance.


Various sizes available.

Cordless Nailing Gun£53.00staplers-nailers
Cartridge Nailing Gun

A fully automatic powder-actuated tool with nail magazine, for fast, repetitive fastening to steel, concrete and sandstone.

Secret Nailer

Heavy-duty stapler for lining floors with hardboard.


Staple Gun (Cordless, 18v)

Aluminium Steps

A range of platform and swing-back steps, 4 to 12 tread

Fibre Glass Steps

A range of platform and swing-back steps, 4 to 12 tread

Megastep Fibre Glass Steps

Large Platform GRP Steps

Aluminium Podium Steps

.95m – 1.6m platform

Cable Avoiding Tool£42.00survey-instruments
Laser Level

Complete with staff & tripod.

Site Level

Complete with staff & tripod.

Transformer 1 - 3kva£13.00transformers
Transformer 4kva (vented)

1 16amp and 1 32amp sockets

Transformer 10kva£32.00transformers
Puddle Pump

Maximum head 10M complete with lay-flat hose – sucks from the bottom of the pump.

Submersible Pump

Maximum head 10M, c/w 50mm lay flat hose.

Electric Welder

140amp arc welder, c/w leads and welding mask.

Belt Sander

For the sanding of rough flat timber quickly & easily.

Circular Saw - cordless£30.00woodworking
Circular Saw 190mm

For straight cutting of timber, maximum cut 50mm/60mm @ 90 degrees.

Circular Saw 235mm

For fast accurate straight cutting of timber, maximum cut 85mm @ 90 degrees.

Floor Edger

For sanding to the edge on floors where the floor sander cannot reach.

Floor Sander£57.00woodworking
Floor Sander & Edger

The HT8 Floor Sander and the HT7 Edging Sander will sand all types of wooden floors, including parquet, to a fine score free finish. They can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces. They will also remove old finishes such as wax, varnish, polish, stain and paint. The powerful HT8 Floor Sander utilises an 8” drum to which is fitted the appropriate sanding sheet(s) for the job on hand. This item is often hired together with the HT7 Edging Sander, a disc type sander which can sand right up to the skirting boards and walls, and into other spaces where the HT8 Floor Sander cannot reach. It can also be used on its own to sand small floors. With both machines, dust is collected into a bag ready for convenient disposal. A range of floor sanding sheets and edger discs are available.


For cutting straight lines and curves in wood, metals and plastics.

Mitre Saw£53.00woodworking
Mitre Saw - Radial Arm£55.00woodworking
Orbital Sander

Powerful orbital finishing sander.

Palm Sander

Handheld mini-orbital sander for a perfect finish on small areas.

Reciprocating Saw

An electric hacksaw type saw for cutting wood, metals and plastic.

Reciprocating Saw 18v

18v – a variety of blades are available to buy.


Professional plunge router.

Sash Clamps

For the clamping of large work pieces during gluing.

Saw Bench (flat)£63.00woodworking
Air Moving Fan

Powerful 240-volt variable speed fan.

Bolt Croppers

Various sizes available.

Carpet Stretcher

For stretching carpets when laying.

Fence Panels£5.00miscellaneous
Road Barriers

“Chapter 8” barriers, each section is 2.5 metres in length.

Security Chest

A Mobile Strong Box designed for use on site.

  • Size: 1195 x 695 x 675mm (L x W x H)
  • 2mm sheet steel construction
  • 2 x 5 lever BS locks
  • Fully phosphated anti-corrosion protection
  • Integrated single pin hinge
  • Hydraulic ‘Lid Stay’ system
  • Net weight: 60Kg
Skip Ramp

For easy skip loading.

Tamping Plate

For the compacting of small areas of tarmac or asphalt.

Tarmac Rake

For evenly spreading tarmac before compacting.

Tar Pot£27.00miscellaneous